The easy way to monitor social media for mentions, key terms, and more

  • 25 May 2021
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The easy way to monitor social media for mentions, key terms, and more
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Hi! Janine here, one of the editors of the Zapier blog.

As a writer and editor, I’ve had a lot of experience with using social media to promote content and listening in on it for feedback from readers or to pick up on conversations that I might want to write about. (The listening strategy once landed me an interview with Jim Gaffigan where we talked about pastry. Apologies in advance for the way that article shows up on the website.)

Pastry and comedians aside, social media is a powerful tool. It helps you get the word out about your business and lets you listen in to what your customers and prospects have to say about your business or your industry. 

If you’re only using social to push messages out about your brand, you’re missing out on half the value of being on those social networks. That’s where social media monitoring and brand listening comes in.

You can set up specific feeds and searches for your social networks and we’d definitely recommend connecting those with apps like team chat, email, or spreadsheets using Zapier automation so that you’ve got an archive you can refer to and custom notifications for the most important terms. 

What does that look like? Here’s one example:

Set up a Zap that watches for account mentions or search terms in the social networks that are most important to you, and then have it post in the place where you and your team spend the most time. We include more on these strategies in our article, and easy ways to get started.

Make social media monitoring easier with automation



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