The BlackTies: Making magic with automation

  • 14 October 2020
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The BlackTies: Making magic with automation
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Hey, everyone! Janine here, one of the editors of the Zapier blog

In addition to pieces about productivity, apps, running a small business, and using automation, we also highlight ways Zapier helps users succeed. One of my recent favorites features The BlackTies, a group of magicians from Sydney, who found adding automation into their business allowed all of them to focus on their passion.

Using Zapier helped them scale, handling five times as many leads with less time by their team.

Zapier helps The BlackTies focus on making magic, not managing leads.

"Our old system was called Julian," said co-founder Scott Zhou. "He was a member of our team, and he literally spent the whole day, five days a week, on our numerous apps, typing away, ensuring we had kept track of every inquiry and performance."

He transferred information from email to Trello cards, and updated each card to make sure whoever staffed the event had all the information needed.

"Julian is a magician at heart," Scott said. "He wants to express his artistry and creativity. He wants to spend his time performing. He does not want to be typing away at a keyboard non-stop."


Read the rest of their story, and see the Zaps they use to move information between Google Sheets, Pipedrive, and Trello.

What have you been able to accomplish with automation? Tell us in the comments!

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