Slack and Microsoft Teams can play nice

Slack and Microsoft Teams can play nice
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Hi! Deb here. On the Zapier blog, we write a lot about the best apps to use for different tasks at work and in business. Slack and Microsoft Teams are on our list of the best team chat apps, and in a category with so many big hitters (Google Chat and Discord are both on there too), it’s very likely that you’ll be trying to communicate with people who’ve chosen a different app.

If you work for a business whose clients use a different chat app, you might be tempted to revert to email (oof). But as it turns out, Slack and Teams can play nice. You can connect the two with built-in integrations, Zapier workflows, or full interoperability. Click the link below to learn more.

How to communicate with businesses that use a different chat app

Do you integrate Slack and Teams? Let me know how in the comments, and we might feature you on the Zapier blog!

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