Should you be using Google Drive or Google Photos?

  • 11 September 2020
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Should you be using Google Drive or Google Photos?
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Hi! Deb here from the Zapier blog with some thoughts on two apps that, until recently, very much confused me: Google Drive and Google Photos. Why are there two apps that do the same thing? Answer: there aren’t. They’re very different. I know this because I asked our staff writer Justin to write about them. 

Google Drive vs. Google Photos: What’s the difference?

What I found super helpful about his explanation was that Google Drive is best for professional use and Google Photos is best for personal use. There’s more nuance than that, of course, but it was a helpful first step to figure out what should go where.

Because Google Drive integrates with Zapier, it ends up extending its professional benefits too, making hs argument even stronger. For example, if you have a designer who emails you assets, Zapier can automatically upload them to Drive. Or you can automatically save all your business’s Instagram posts to Google Drive so you have them backed up. 

Which do you use? Google Drive or Google Photos? And if you use Drive, do you have any workflows that help you keep things organized? Let me know in the comments so I can make sure my dog is documented in the best way possible.





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Well since 2017 we pref to store business photos due to quality in the drive. Because of the desktop sync. 

Privately I store them on Google photo cause I own an Android 🤓