Popular Google Sheets Integrations

  • 31 October 2022
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Popular Google Sheets Integrations
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Looking to elevate your experience with Google Sheets? Google Sheets is one of Zapier’s most commonly used apps, and we get tons of questions in the community about integration possibilities. Here are our top five recommendations:

  1. Running Surveys and collecting data? Collect new Typeform responses as rows on Google Sheets 

Get your time back and automate your day! Zapier can do the hard work for you by setting up this code-free automation and analyzing those spreadsheet entries. You can follow the template on our explore apps sub-page, or explore other triggers and actions that work for you.


  1. Using Facebook Lead Ads and need to transfer the data to another doc? Connect Facebook Lead Ads to rows on Google Sheets    

This premium Zap makes it easy to filter through leads and lets you keep your mind on marketing. Since this is one of our more time-consuming automations, we’ve created a tutorial; you can find it on this page that also introduces you to other triggers and actions tailored to your business needs.  


  1. Planning a big event and want to track attendees on a master document? Save new Eventbrite attendees to Google Sheets

​​​​​​​The days of exporting CSV files are over! Zapier can instantly add new attendees to Google Sheets when you set up your Zap. Find more automation possibilities here.


  1. Need to keep a master record of contacts/customers for your business Create Google Contacts from new Google Sheets rows

​​​​​​​If you’re already using Google Sheets to collect and store contract info, it only makes sense to set up this Google Contacts integration that does all the hard work for you instantly once a new row/record is added to your spreadsheet. The possibilities are endless, with various supported triggers and actions to suit your needs.


  1. One of our most popular Zaps! Create custom Salesforce Objects from new rows on Google sheets 

​​​​​​​Set up this Sheets-Salesforce integration so you can skip out on the tedious task of manual work and automate new custom objects in Salesforce today! You can check out other supported triggers and actions  here.


Want to see more popular Zaps with another app? Let us know which one you’d like to see below in the comments!

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