Not just automation... "funimation"

  • 14 January 2022
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Not just automation... "funimation"
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One of the highlights of our recent user conference, ZapConnect, was getting to hear from people who are using automation to do amazing things at their businesses. One of my personal favorites was Justin Samuels’ talk about how he is using automation to build community and connect his team. 

These Zaps help him and the team be more efficient and more profitable while bringing joy to the team. Here’s Justin on this process: 

In a process I've named "Funimation," we have developed a series of Zaps that create greater efficiencies and contribute to the bottom line—and have proven unique in generating the kind of traction that engages and empowers our internal team and external customers. 

And when employees are happy, then your customers, clients, and audiences are going to be happy, too.


Justin’s using these Zaps to do things like send information from surveys to databases so everyone can access the information they need, reward user behavior in email campaigns, and reward responsive customer service teams based on their interactions.

Learn more about Justin’s Funimation process in the article on our blog or by watching his session video. You can’t go wrong with either!

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