Member Spotlight: How Mohamed Swellam automated employee onboarding

  • 11 May 2023
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Member Spotlight: How Mohamed Swellam automated employee onboarding
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Scenario: Growing your sales team by 400% 🙌🏽 but onboarding them manually.😖

Solution: Create a ⚡50-step Zap⚡ to automate the employee journey from interviewing through onboarding to receiving commission. 

Certified Zapier Expert Mohamed Swellam (Founder of shares how he did just that, helping his client massively scale their sales team and generate more revenue. 


Hi Moh! Starting off, why did this client seek your help?

They were challenged with their overall employee onboarding process in addition to creating/sending out invoices. It was completely manual and unsustainable. They knew there had to be a better way. 

Manual steps were causing a lot of costly errors. This particular client had 20+ sales reps working during the summer season but he wanted to scale to 100 employees by end of year. 

“Can you imagine the headache of obtaining 100 employees’  bank details manually in order to pay folks? Calculating the commission structure and payouts manually INCLUDING those from previous years created an absolute nightmare!”​

The cringe heard ’round the world. Enter Moh, walk us through your solution. 

For Employee Onboarding, what we did was very simple:

  • A new employee enters Airtable, we send them the onboarding document through Zapier.
  • Once it's signed it comes back to Airtable through Zapier where we then insert them into the pyramid. 
  • This was a 50+ step Zap.⚡


Woah! A 50 step Zap? What was the end result? 

“My client was able to increase his sales team by 400% and onboard them simply by entering their name and email in Airtable. Even better, his team was able to process 14,000 new applicants using the new automated process I built for them.”



Incredible! Also incredible, your journey from Zapier Community Member to a newly Certified Zapier Expert. 

For this part I have to thank the amazing people working behind the scenes in Zapier Community.

“In 2021, I applied to be a Zapier Certified Expert, but the program was not accepting new applicants. The program manager relayed that being actively involved in Zapier Community was a great way to be considered and boost my profile.”

I started checking Zapier Community and answering some topics, then messaged Zapier Community Senior Manager Liz Roberts asking if she had any tips on becoming a Zapier Certified Expert. She provided guidance on how I could answer questions, earn points and contribute to content! 

3 months later, I got my Zapier Certified Expert badge.🏅 I couldn’t have done it without the Zapier Community team!


We’re so happy you’re here, Moh! Thank you for sharing your story and for helping folks with their Zaps here in the Zapier Community!

Want to know how Moh made the leap from civil engineer to full-time automator and founder? Stay tuned for Part 2 of his awesome story!

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Thanks @Liz_Roberts ! Highly appreciate this amazing spotlight :D