Learn how to add Stripe sales as rows in Google Sheets

  • 23 September 2020
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Learn how to add Stripe sales as rows in Google Sheets
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Hey, everyone! Janine from the Zapier blog team here to share one of our recent articles, that is all about setting up a Zap that adds Stripe sales as new rows in Google Sheets.

If you want to track Stripe sales in a spreadsheet for analysis or just to have a backup archive, this Zap will let you keep that Sheet up-to-date, with no manual work. 

Our article walks you through all the steps, including:

  • Things you should do in advance
  • Setting up the Stripe trigger
  • Setting up the Google Sheets action

Read the tutorial: How to add Stripe sales to Google Sheets

2 replies

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It would be useful if this integration pulled more data, other than what is provided from a Stripe “Payment” or “Charge”, like Stripe “Receipt” data.  So far, it seems that you can only get the URL of a receipt from a Stripe payment/charge, rather than the actual data from the receipt.  You cannot capture units sold, or other useful transaction data for your spreadsheet/database from Stripe’s “Payment” or “Charge” information. 

We need more data from Stripe.

For example, there appears to be no way to search for a recent payment unless you have the payment ID, which is what I’m trying to find, so it’s a dead end.

We should be able to simply search and filter by customer name and a date and pull payment information that meets that filter, but there’s no way right now.