Human error is a thing: Start automating data collection

  • 29 January 2021
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Human error is a thing: Start automating data collection
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Hi! Deb, from the Zapier blog, here with a very unexciting confession: at least once a day, I copy/paste the wrong thing. It’s generally harmless (a link to the wrong doc) and sometimes embarrassing (a text from my mom), but it’s never disastrous.

But if you’re working with data, a wrong copy/paste can be disastrous. One wrong number (even if it’s close) can snowball into all the wrong numbers and, before you know it, all your books are off.

Alex Kulbei, the co-founder of Probe, a product that helps companies automate monthly business reviews, recently wrote a piece for our blog about data collection: How to get started with data collection and analytics at your business. And one of his tips? Automate. It removes the possibility human error while also eliminating lots of repetitive work. Here are some tips.

Collecting complex data? Here's how to automate it with Zapier

Have you made any disastrous copy/paste errors? Or just embarrassing ones? Let me know in the comments, if only to help me feel a little better about mine :grimacing:


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