How to use automation to improve digital security

  • 21 April 2021
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How to use automation to improve digital security
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When I was in high school, someone hacked my dad’s business website. The general site infrastructure was still there, but the entire thing was in a language we didn’t understand and couldn’t easily identify. He ran a manufacturing plant, and the website wasn’t part of his day-to-day tasks. I remember having the distinct impression that no one really knew exactly how long the site had been taken over before they caught the changes and started working on a fix.

If that sounds like your worst nightmare—even more so these days, because of how the web has become many businesses’ front door—check out our tips for how to use automation to protect your site and improve your digital security.

You can add automation to your security systems to help you back up content and important documents, securely store passwords, actively look for weaknesses, monitor for fraud, and add encryption to your workflows.

And if you’d like a deep dive on how one company uses automation to support SOC2 compliance and other security workflows, check out our piece on Poka’s workflows for everything from notifications for monthly security tasks, starting security reviews, and managing team member access to software and other tools.


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