How to remove duplicates from an array of line items

  • 11 January 2022
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How to remove duplicates from an array of line items
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Q: Ever wanted to remove duplicates from an array of line items?
A: Use a Code app as a Zap step:

Code step configuration using JavaScript

NOTE: Map your line items array to the right side value for the “Set” Input Data variable in place of “A,B,C,C,B,A”.

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let Set = inputData.Set.split(","); // creates array by splitting Input Data variable at commas

let Distinct = []; // empty array to store the unique values

Set.forEach((i) => {
if (!Distinct.includes(i)) {

output = [{Set, Distinct}];



Code step results WITH removing duplicate values from an array of line items

Contribution by Troy Tessalone

Troy is a Certified Zapier Expert who automates workflows with no-code and low-code apps to help clients save time and make money.

2 replies

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Great script, super helpful! 🙏 Minor nitpick which prevents compilation: there is a missing `{` in the last line of your code. 

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