How to overcome resistance to automation

  • 7 January 2022
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How to overcome resistance to automation
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Hi! I'm Deb at Zapier, and I'm definitely a full-on automation groupie. I didn't even know what automation was when I first started at Zapier, and now I can't imagine working without it. But the change didn't happen overnight: it took me a while before I was convinced to set up my first Zap and even longer before I was willing to dive into more complex workflows.

It's not surprising, either. Very few of us really like change, and change is the name of the game when you go from manual work to automating processes. William Ratliff learned that the hard way when he first started beating the automation drum at his company. But since then, he's figured out how to get people on board. Read his story for his tips on how to make it happen.

Overcoming automation resistance

Have you had trouble convincing people in your company to adopt automation? Let me know in the comments about resistance you've faced and strategies you've learned to overcome it. We might even feature you on the Zapier blog!

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