How to get the count of an array of items

  • 2 December 2021
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How to get the count of an array of items
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If you’ve ever needed to count the number of items in an array and weren’t quite sure how to do it, the solution lies with Code by Zapier. And it’s easy to do!

The Setup



let Set = inputData.Set.split(","); // creates array by splitting Input Data Variable at commas

let SetCount = Set.length; // determines the length of the array (aka number of array items)

output = [{SetCount, Set}];


The Results


Contribution by Troy Tessalone

Troy is a Certified Zapier Expert who automates workflows with no-code and low-code apps to help clients save time and make money.

2 replies

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Dude! I just used this 🙂 The API I’m getting data from has a field that shows everyone who liked something, but doesn’t provide the number. I used this code and it worked like a charm!

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Glad you found some value in this!