How Ostrich launched its app with no-code tools

  • 9 July 2021
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How Ostrich launched its app with no-code tools
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Hey, folks! Janine here, part of Zapier's blog team. I wanted to share a guest post we recently published from William P. Glass III, co-founder of Ostrich, and how he launched his app using no-code tools.


William describes himself as a non-technical person, and said he and his co-founder were close to spending a lot of money for a software development firm to develop the app for them. But instead, he turned to no-code tools—like AppGyver and Zapier—and used those to create the app.


If you've got an idea for an app or business, but not the coding know-how to make it run, check out William's tips on how to set yourself up for success with no-code tools. He outlines the steps he used, like:


  1. Define the problem you want to solve, so you have a clear path to follow.

  2. Outline key features and design ideas so you know what to build.

  3. Choose your tools so you have things in place for front-end and back-end needs.

  4. Test and iterate so you can catch problems and improve as you work toward launch.

Read about William's journey to create Ostrich and explore other no-code posts on the Zapier blog.

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