How exit interviews can turn churned customers into advocates

  • 17 September 2021
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How exit interviews can turn churned customers into advocates
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Hey, folks! Janine from the Zapier blog team here with another way automation helps one of our customers succeed.

Even the most successful business loses customers. Instead of letting them quietly fade away, the team at Content Snare does something a little different. They actively connect with churned customers to learn from them and often see those accounts turn into advocates.

James Rose, co-founder at Content Snare, wrote an article for us about why feedback—especially feedback from churned customers—is so valuable and how to use automation to make it as easy as possible to manage the feedback process.

These customers give great feedback, James wrote, and by putting it to use helps them improve the business.

How exit interviews can turn churned accounts into advocates

Check out his post to learn more about:

  • why to talk to churned customers,

  • what to ask them,

  • the best ways to collect feedback,

  • and how Content Snare automates the process.

How do you connect with churned customers and what do you learn from them?

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