Create more effective lead gen forms with automation

  • 23 July 2021
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Create more effective lead gen forms with automation
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Hi! Deb here, from the Zapier blog. We've been writing a lot about lead gen recently—we know it's a pain point for marketers, and so we've pulled in experts and business owners to offer their perspectives. Most recently, we published an article with tips for creating more effective lead gen forms.

5 tips for creating effective lead generation forms

But, of course, creating the perfect lead form is just the first step. If you get submissions and then either forget to check them or don't get to them quickly enough, you'll lose the lead. So (say it with me): automate the process.

No matter what tool you use for your lead gen forms—whether it's a standalone form app like Google Forms, an embedded form on your WordPress site, or a paid lead ad form on LinkedIn or Facebook—you can connect it to your other tools to be sure nothing slips through the cracks. (Here are some more lead management automation tips to get you started—or bring you to the next level.)

How do you automate your lead gen and management? Tell me in the comments, and we might feature you on the Zapier blog!

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