Automatically add contacts to your CRM or email marketing platform

  • 10 December 2021
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Automatically add contacts to your CRM or email marketing platform
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Hey, folks! Janine from the Zapier blog team here with another tip for you! If you’ve ever thought “I’m spending too much time logging info in my marketing platforms,” I’m here to help you out.

I know, keeping a CRM or email marketing platform up to date can be a chore. You’ve got to get contacts from wherever they’re coming in—website forms, lead ads, purchases, and more—and make sure they’re added to the systems that your sales and marketing teams use to communicate with prospects and customers.

If you’re still copying and pasting things or working with cumbersome CSV downloads, it’s time to find a new way. 

Zapier lets you send things from one system (where your contacts fill out their information) to another (where you store that info and put it to work) without anyone having to do anything. 

Learn how to automatically add contacts to your CRM or email marketing platform so you can keep your efforts focused on working with your contacts rather than managing them.

Let us know if you do something like this already, or if you set this up, how it’s working!

2 replies

I am getting more business contacts and messages on WhatsApp and need to bring them into my CRM. Is there any way to automate that? Manual is too time consuming. Thanks!

Hi there, my name is Kenneth. I'm a PMM on the New Products team at Zapier, working on Interfaces.

If you are frustrated with your current lead management tools, or are interested in AI/chatbots (and are not currently using Zapier Interfaces), I'd love to speak with you! Your feedback will shape the future of Zapier Interfaces.