Automate your cross-functional collaboration

  • 2 April 2022
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Automate your cross-functional collaboration
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Hi! It's Deb, from the Zapier blog. You might have seen some of our blog content on our social media channels (follow us, please!), and that's thanks to two things I love: (1) our amazing social media manager, Alex, and (2) automation.

Alex saw that our social media audience really liked our blog content, but she had to manually check our editorial calendar in Airtable to see what was being published on any given day/week. Then she'd copy that over to her own publishing calendar in Coda so that it was on the record.

It was time to build the robot.

Alex had the idea to up a Zap that automatically sends all the info about a blog article to her Coda database whenever a piece is marked as "Done" in Airtable. And it only sends over the info she needs: title, URL, and suggested social copy (which luckily she rewrites most of the time because I think I'm funnier than I actually am). So she doesn’t even have to sift through a bunch of unnecessary information to get what she needs.

No more manual updating, and Alex has all our blog posts at her fingertips to promote in whatever way is best.

It's such a simple Zap, but it's saved countless hours and headaches, and has allowed Alex to focus on growing our social media program instead of copy/pasting between content calendars.

How have you automated your cross-functional collaboration? Let me know in the comments, and we might feature you on the blog!