Adding some pizzazz to the Community with robot avatars

  • 16 February 2023
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Adding some pizzazz to the Community with robot avatars
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My teammates@Liz_Roberts and@Rachael S recently shared a LinkedIn post by Brian Oblinger that said:

Create a set of unique, colorful, and interesting default avatars that are randomly assigned for new community members. Gives your community personality, looks less dull than thousands of silhouettes, and encourages members to change it to something that suits them. Quick win!

Challenge accepted! So I set out to make that happen in the Zapier community for new members, on auto-pilot. Here’s how I accomplished it.

The Zap outline


1. Trigger: New User in inSided

When there is a new user in the Community, this Zap will trigger.


2. Action: Formatter by Zapier — Numbers — Random Number

Because I have 50 robot avatars to choose from, I randomly choose a number between 1 and 50.

3. Action: Airtable — Find Record

Using that number, I find the record in Airtable that matches it then use the image URL in the upcoming Formatter step. I could have also used Tables by Zapier but I figured more people would be familiar with how Airtable works. 

NOTE: I’ve found that Uploadcare is the easiest way to bulk-upload images to get a URL that ends with the file extension.


4. Action Formatter by Zapier — Text — URL Encode

The inSided API requires the image URL to be encoded, so I format the URL from my Airtable record.


5. Action: Webhooks by Zapier — POST

In order to change the avatar in the subsequent step, I first need a token from inSided, which I get in the following way.


6. Action: Webhooks by Zapier — PUT

Now I take the new member’s user ID, the image URL from my Encode step as well as the token from the previous Webhooks step. Voila! Robot avatar.


7. Action: Airtable — Update Record

For my own curiosity, I wanted to track all of the robot avatars that have been assigned as well as which ones have been used the most.

Interesting to note: You can manually create the member’s profile link by combining the username and user ID, as seen below.

In Case You’re Wondering…

The top ten most-assigned robot avatars are:


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Niftyy! I adore these new avatars! 🤖✨