3 ways to extract/scrape data from websites

  • 20 October 2021
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3 ways to extract/scrape data from websites
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Before I start, I first want to say that there are LOTS of ways to scrape data from websites. The options I’m discussing below are the ones that make it the easiest to do (in my opinion), and relatively affordably for the average person.

Let’s jump in!

Browse AI


According to them: The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website. Train a robot in 2 minutes. No coding required.

Zapier integration? Yes, see it here.
Send to webhook URL? Yes, but it’s raw data and isn’t super easy to work with in Zapier.
Free plan? Yes
Schedule data extraction? Yes. You can choose minutes, hours, days, weeks, months.
Direct integrations? You can sync the extracted data to Google Sheets (and you can trigger a Zap on those newly added rows, if you’d like). Airtable is coming soon, according to their website.




According to them: Extract data from any website in seconds. Download instantly, scrape in the cloud, or create an API

Zapier integration? As of the writing of this article, I don’t see one.
Send to webhook URL? Yes, you can send to a webhook then trigger on that in a Zap.
Free plan? Yes
Schedule data extraction? Yes. You can run every 30 minutes, every hour or daily at a specific time.
Direct integrations? Google Sheets and Airtable are both supported directly.




According to them: Monitor web changes, job offers, prices and availability
Select content on any website you want to monitor or pick to monitor entire portal with sub-pages.

Zapier integration? Yes, see it here.
Send to webhook URL? As far as I can tell, this isn’t supported.
Free plan? Yes
Schedule data extraction? Yes. Wachete monitors changes on websites, and how frequently they check will depend on the plan you have.
Direct integrations? You can create an RSS feed from the data that Wachete extracts.


Why these particular apps?

As I mentioned, there are lots of options out there to extract data/scrape website/monitor changes on websites. So why look at these specific apps? 

A few reasons:

  • They’re all pretty intuitive to set up. You visit the page you want to monitor, then point and click the elements you want. 
  • They’re all less than $40 per month (with Browse AI it’s on an annual plan, otherwise it’s $49/month).
  • They offer multiple ways to use the data that you get from using their service.
  • In one way or another, you can integrate them with Zapier so you can send the data to other apps automatically.

Are there any scraping/extraction apps that you’ve used that are easy and affordable? I’d love to hear about them!

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Has anyone found one that will just extract html?

To extract and scrape data from a website using JavaScript, you can use the "axios" library for making HTTP requests and the "cheerio" library for parsing the HTML and extracting the data. Here's an example code to extract email data and website data from a website:

Sample Code

// Import required libraries const axios = require('axios'); const cheerio = require('cheerio'); // Function to extract email data async function extractEmailData(url) { try { const response = await axios.get(url); const html = response.data; const $ = cheerio.load(html); // Replace the selector with the actual HTML element containing the email address const email = $('span.email-address').text().trim(); return email; } catch (error) { console.error('Error while extracting email data:', error); return null; } } // Function to extract website data async function extractWebsiteData(url) { try { const response = await axios.get(url); const html = response.data; const $ = cheerio.load(html); // Replace the selector with the actual HTML element containing the website URL const website = $('a.website-url').attr('href'); return website; } catch (error) { console.error('Error while extracting website data:', error); return null; } } // Example usage const websiteUrl = 'https://www.example.com'; const emailUrl = 'https://www.example.com/contact'; async function main() { const emailData = await extractEmailData(emailUrl); const websiteData = await extractWebsiteData(websiteUrl); console.log('Extracted Email Data:', emailData); console.log('Extracted Website Data:', websiteData); } main();

💡 Expert Zapier Support: If you encounter any challenges or need expert guidance in integrating this script with Zapier or automating the data extraction process, Zapier experts can provide personalized support. They can help you refine the workflow, set up the integration with Zapier, and optimize the automation for your specific needs.

By adding expert Zapier support, you can ensure a seamless and efficient automation process, allowing you to leverage the extracted data in your other applications and workflows effectively.