Hi there! It’s great to see you here! 

  • 4 May 2023
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Seriously, it’s so great to see you here in our Automation After-Hours group!

We are so pumped to kick off the tour, meet folks in person and give out hugs/handshakes/fist get the idea 😊

This virtual space will serve two purposes off the bat:

  • 👋🏽 Pre-event: A place to meet & greet with other Automation After-Hours Tour attendees (including Zapiens)
  • 🗣 Post-event: A place to continue the conversation after the final drink is clinked at the meet up:
    • Meet someone with a similar use case? They’ll be here. 
    • Eager to participate in a group with local automators? They’ll be here. 
    • Wanna connect with one of the Zapiens from an event? They’ll be here. 
    • Wait, do you want to access exclusive fireside chats with our Product team? With AMAs? Yep, that’ll happen here! ⭐

So without further ado, say howdy in this thread so we can get to know ya (suggested format below if handy)! 




What would make this space most valuable to you? 


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Someone has to go first 😊 My name is Liz and I’ll be hosting the Automation After-Hours Tour in Chicago. I am so excited to meet folks IRL and virtually!

Liz Roberts

Sr. Community Manager @ Zapier

Charleston, South Carolina

Learning what Zapier users want to gain from our internal team and product is something I’d love to better understand! Also always hoping to see some fun GIFs.