A new way to use Zapier from your Gmail inbox

UPDATEOn September 8, 2021, the Gmail Add On for Zapier will no longer be available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. As an alternative, please check out the Zapier Chrome Extension. It doesn’t totally mirror the functionality, but the Extension will allow you to quickly and easily send data to your Zaps without leaving Gmail in the browser.You can use the Chrome extension to save and share emails, or use this handy Zap to send the body of your email to other apps like Slack, Trello, or Todoist. Learn more about the powerful features of the Chrome Extension here: https://go.zapier.com/install-chrome-extension.For any questions, please reach out to Zapier support using our contact form.  Hey folks! My name is Ryan—I'm one of the product managers at Zapier. We've been building new ways that you can interact with Zapier in your other apps, and today we're excited to announce that we officially launched our new add-on for Gmail.We know it's a pain to copy data between Gmail and your other apps, so we created this add-on to help you automate that email overload without ever leaving your inbox. The add-on makes all that a one-click process. Just select an email, choose an action from the Gmail sidebar, and Zapier will route your message to another app with one click.Right now, you can use the following actions: Send messages to Slack Create tasks in Todoist, Asana, and Omnifocus Add rows to Google Sheets Create notes in Evernote Add cards to Trello You can learn more about the add-on in this blog post we published. Or, if you're ready to give it a try, you can install it on the G Suite marketplace. Let us know what you think! Did you find it particularly useful? Share your story and let us know what actions you'd like to see us add next.

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*New* Gmail integration improvements

Hello everyone,   I hope you are all doing well and staying safe! We’re excited to announce that we’ve made some updates to our Gmail integration which you may find useful :)   1. New Labeled Email Trigger Updates The “New Labeled Email” trigger will now fire on any new labeled email (regardless of age) and supports up to 500 emails at a time. Previously, this trigger would only fire on emails labeled within 2 days of receiving them and was limited to the first 100 results sorted by age (most recently received first). With this update, you’ll no longer need to double-check the date an email was received before labeling it or have concerns that you might be labeling too many. In fact, the trigger can even be used as an “export” (in some capacity) to connect your email data to other apps. Just be sure you don’t go too overboard ;)   2. Gmail Default Signatures You can now include your Gmail email/alias default signatures when using the “Send Email” and “Create Draft” actions.  Instead of manually re-creating your signatures via HTML, copy/pasting them into your message bodies, and customizing workflows through filters, formatter steps, etc, you can simply choose a signature from a dropdown list on your Zaps! As long as each email/alias has a default signature configured in your Gmail account, they’ll be automatically included at the end of your emails when selected. Signature HTML is paired with the corresponding email/alias in the dropdown  3. Multiple Attachments with Create Draft Action “Create Draft” action now supports multiple attachments. Rather than being limited to only a single attachment, you can now include multiple attachments so your drafts are ready to be sent whenever you need.   To start creating new Zaps with our Gmail integration, you can head here.   As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or feedback––we’re always happy to help! Thanks again for being a part of the Zapier Community and looking forward to hearing what you think :)    Best, Matt Lukso Zapier App Engineer

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Introducing more ways for new users to explore Zapier

Hey folks! Kate here, a product manager at Zapier working to help new customers understand what Zapier is and how Zapier can be relevant to them. I want to share some updates we’ve made to our Explore experience, including an updated explore page to help users learn about Zapier by app, use case, or role. This also introduces new landing pages for different roles, giving users a way to browse how to use Zapier based on their job function. There’s a bunch more details below, but feel free to check them out here: Explore Zapier, Explore Zapier by Role What we're doing We know people come to Zapier with different needs and levels of understanding of our product. Our goal is to inspire users with new ways to think about automation and provide different jumping off points to learn how Zapier works. The new Explore experience aims to help users answer: How can Zapier help me? When do you use Zapier? How do people like me use Zapier? What does the new Explore page look like? Our new Explore home experience gives people different ways to see how Zapier might work for them by giving a variety of jumping off points to find inspiration and learn about our product. The new Explore home will provide: Customer stories to provide real-world inspiration for how people like you are saving time with Zapier today, with links to our new Role Pages to dive deeper into recommendations for how you can sue Zapier Popular Zap templates for people who are looking for inspiration as to how they can begin saving time today Use cases that illustrate what we do without a specific app in mind A new app picker to browse Zap templates based on the apps you use and sort those apps based on the ones most used by people in your role What does the new Roles page look like? A portion of the Roles feature testimonials from customers in those roles sharing a quote about what they use Zapier for and how it has impacted their business, along with a selection of Zap Templates curated based on their workflows and apps they use. Our goal was to provide social proof and inspire folks with apps and workflows that are common in that role. The rest of the page borrows from the Explore page but tailored to surface popular apps and templates relevant to each role.   What's next We’re excited to continue working on surfacing better discovery options including popular apps and templates for people and figuring out how to make it easier to get started with Zapier. We would love your feedback too-- if something in our new Explore pages resonate with you, or if something misses the mark, please do feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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This Week in Zapier - the week of May 11th

Hey everyone! Every week I send out a “This Week In Zapier” roundup to my mailing list. In it, I cover what’s new with Zapier, and surface interesting guides, resources and other useful bits for people that want to get the most out of Zapier. This week’s edition has just gone out. You can see it here. Want to join the mailing list. You can do that here. Here’s what I covered this week:     Introducing the new Stripe integration: Instant triggers, subscription management, and more Zapier have made a bunch of improvements to their Stripe integration. Mainly, triggers are now instant (get your customers what they need quicker). Also included - subscription management actions.   The difference between instant and polling triggers on Zapier Why do you have to wait for some zaps to trigger, while others trigger instantly? It seems like an arbitrary thing, but actually it's to do with, and entirely dependant on the API of the app Zapier is connecting to.   New integration: Build apps without code with Adalo Adalo lets you build web and mobile apps drag & drop style. Build a product for your customers or something useful for your staff. Whatever you build - you can now plug it into the rest of your apps using Zapier.   Getting started with Zapier triggers and actions We're always on the lookout for a well-explained introduction to Zapier - and this one from Paul Minors is well worth a watch.       How to Use Zapier to Automate Everything A much-underlooked roundup guide from Zapier, with linked cases studies and ideas for just about every industry in the world. Use this to find actionable ideas for your business.   You can now build your zaps right inside Slack using a nice, simple UI In what we hope is just the start of deep integrations of Zapier into other apps - you can now set up Slack-bases zaps right inside the chat window.   How The CEO Of Zapier Leads A 100% Remote Team Did you know, Zapier is and always has been a 100% remote company? Hear about the nitty-gritty of that from CEO Wade Foster.  

This Week in Zapier - the week of May 4th

Hey everyone! Every week I send out a “This Week In Zapier” roundup to my mailing list. In it, I cover what’s new with Zapier, and surface interesting guides, resources and other useful bits for people that want to get the most out of Zapier. This week’s edition has just gone out. You can see it here. Want to join the mailing list. You can do that here. Here’s what I covered this week: Task History Refresh live for all users! To make head-scratching (hopefully) a little less frequent when things go wrong with your zaps, Zapier has done a refresh, making it easier to filter issue types and date ranges. It's also got much easier to see how many tasks your zaps are using each month. Parsing information from emails into Zapier - the options You probably have all sorts of services, sites and apps sending you transactional stuff by email. Wouldn't it be cool if you could get that data into Zapier and trigger a zap? Well, you can. How to Use Bannerbear with Zapier to Auto Generate Instagram Stories Bannerbear is an API for generating images. Pick a template and it will split out images with different texts, colours and background images. One cool thing your business can do with it generates Instagram Story slides whenever you publish something on your blog. Watch the recent AMA with VP of Engineering at Zapier, Doug Gaff Hosted by Plato, Doug talked all about Zapier and what the engineering team have been up to.   What's everyone's favourite CRM? And how are you automating it with Zapier? Capiche is a very cool new Q&A and discussion site for technologists. Recently, we decided to ask people what their favourite CRM is and how they automate it with Zapier. We got some great answers. Find out when your Twitter handle is mentioned Using Google Alerts, an RSS feed and Zapier you can find out any time your Twitter handle gets mentioned in an article. Also works for your name (or your competitor's) or any keyword you might be interested in. The Big List of Zapier Hacks for Marketers Way back in 2015, Buffer wrote a guide with lots of ideas for building stuff with Zapier. It's so good, Google still puts it up top when you go Googling for Zapier help.

Task History Refresh live for all users!

Caleb Gonzalez here from the Premier Support team! We’ve made updates to bring Task History into the modern age. We wanted to update the design of Task History and provide a seamless navigation experience between Usage and Task Log. So, what's new? Splitting Task History into 2 Tabs:   Task History will now have 2 tabs to navigate between: Usage is what we previously referred to as Top Zaps.  Task Log is what is traditionally referred to as Task History. When selecting Task History from the left-hand navigation, it will by default take you to https://zapier.com/app/history/usage. We want to bring Usage front and center to help you decide which Zaps require attention. All other links to Task History will maintain the original URL link and direct you to Task Log: https://zapier.com/app/history. (view larger) Update existing design   We are moving away from an old designs to a new designs. Old Task History: (view larger) New Task History: (view larger) New Task History when selecting tasks: (view larger) You can now see who owns the Zap of the task with their Icon and their name when hovering, and you can see how many tasks were used in that log. Prior you had to click into the Task Details to see the number of Tasks used: (view larger) We also updated a handful of the Icons used to indicate Task states. Note: This update now limits Task Log to 10 tasks per page, from the previous 15 per page.  New Filters and Filter Navigation   Filter by multiple Task statuses. Prior we could only filter by one status at a time: (view larger) Filter by Zap Owner, by Folder, and by App: (view larger) Updated Date Range Filter: (view larger) We’ve also made it so you can easily navigate between Task Log and Usage while maintaining filters: (view larger) We did a lot of QA but we still could have missed some things. Please let us know by contacting Support. As always, your feedback & suggestions help make this work better, so let us know what you think!

This Week in Zapier - the week of April 26th

Every week, one of our external moderators, @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu, sends out a newsletter of weekly goings-on in the world of Zapier along with guides, resources and other interesting bits. You can check out the latest edition here. Let’s check out this week’s stuff: Twitter shut down SMS notifications. Here's how to keep getting them. Twitter won't be sending out SMS notifications anymore, but if you're from the UK/US you can set up a zap that sends you an SMS.... for your tweets or just about any other reason you think is useful. A beginners guide to Zapier for accountants Accounting, perhaps more than many other industries, involves a *lot* of repetitive work, making it ripe for some zap-based innovation.  This is a great guide to get you started with Zapier (even if you're not an accountant, actually). Zapier just released its Instagram for Business integration Before now, owners of an Instagram for Business account were out of luck when it came to automating their posts. Buffer is a (great) option, but not ideal if you don't want to spend extra on yet another tool. So, the Zapier team came to the rescue… Need to use two variables in your Zapier Filter steps? We've got a hack for you! If you're a regular user of the Zapier Filter step, you'll probably have got frustrated by the fact that you can only compare a variable value to a fixed value. But, what if we told you there was a clever way to make it possible? Can Zapier sync my historical data? (Sort of) This question comes up from clients quite often. If you're building a zap to sync new contacts from one app to another, it would be great if Zapier could do it for the existing ones as well, right? Sadly, Zapier isn't built for that, but there is a way to get it done if you don't mind some extra steps Plant Trees with Offset Earth You really can automate almost anything these days... including planting a tree to help save the planet. A Brief History of No-code The whole #nocode movement may feel like a pan flash of a recent phenomenon, but the idea of being able to make computers do stuff without programming goes all the way back to 1985 and Microsoft Excel. We’d love to hear your thoughts, questions or follow up on any of this week’s content. And if you want to sign up to the newsletter, you can do that here.

Upcoming Community Downtime & Improvements

Hello everyone!We wanted to notify you of an exciting and upcoming change happening with our Community. In order to provide a better experience to our community members, we’ll be switching the forum platform that we currently host our community site on. You will notice major improvements to the UI/UX when the migration has been completed.Our migration will begin this Wednesday, March 11th at 11am ET and will be completed Friday morning, March 13th. During this time, our community will be READ-ONLY, so while you can consume content, you will not be able to post or interact with content during that time.Here are some additional things to note:You will still be signing into the Community with SSO and your username/avatar will carry overAll points will carry over so you won't loose any progress/reputation for your work.Badges you’ve earned will NOT be carried over. This is because we're in the process of designing our entire badging structure to be more in line with our brand and the behavior we want to encourage in the community. More to come on this at a later time.All discussions, questions, comments will come over and be redirected to, should old links have been sharedPrivate messages (DMs) will not be migrated over. Please save anything you have that you’d like to keep, ASAP.We really appreciate your patience during this time and look forward to providing a new and improved experience for you all! If you have any other questions, please leave them on this thread for us and we’ll do our best to answer as many as possible before the migration begins.Should you have any feedback or notice any issues or bugs on the new platform after the migration has completed, please email them to community@zapier.com so we can look into them.Thanks again, team!Jesse ParkerCommunity Manager 

Free Trial for Company plan now available!

Hi y’all! I’m @calebgonzalez from the Premier Support team. I’m working with our product and engineering teams on our Company accounts, and we’re excited to announce that you can now trial our Company Plan for free!You can sign up for a Company Trial by visiting the Zapier for Companies page and selecting “Start 14-Day Trial”.The trial includes the Company Features:SAML Single Sign OnAccess ControlUnlimited TeamsData RetentionUser ProvisioningAccount CapturePremier SupportThis trial also allows you to try out our other paid features (except Autoreplay if you are on a Free plan). Paid Features:Premium apps, such as PayPal and Facebook Lead AdsMulti-step Zaps, or workflows with 3 or more stepsAdvanced filtering and logic with PathsUnlimited ZapsZaps run every 1 minutes (except Zaps labelled “Instant”)Team Features:Inviting multiple members to join your accountShared and Private Zap foldersShared ConnectionsZap TransferTrial planThe free trial closely resembles our Company plan, with the key difference being the Task Limit: If you are on a Free Plan, you will have 1,000 Tasks.If you are on a Paid plan, you will have the number of Tasks on your current plan.Trial extensionsThe free trial lasts for 14 days. If your trial has ended but you weren’t able to use it during the time period, contact our awesome support team to ask for an extension.If you have any questions, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to help!

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