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How to enroll a new user on a specific course in Learnworlds.

  • 1 February 2022
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I was wondering if anyone else this dilemma. I am trying to create  a zap that will create a new user based on a new payment made on stripe and then automatically enroll them to the course that they bought from. 


My confusion is that I can create a step that enrolls the user to a specific course which is good, but I have multiple courses, How can I make the zap work dynamically in terms of the course that they are enrolled onto. 


i.e. I can make it so when a new payment is made that the user is created then enrolled to Course A. But then the second user applies to Course B. They make the payment but because I can only select one course per zap step they will also be enrolled to Course A. This is the aspect I wish to make dynamic. 


Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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Hi @jimbobjoseph 

Try adding a Filter step to your Zap:

OR try using Paths in the Zap:


I have the same problem.
The Stripe App input doesn't recognize a specific payment link of all the ones I have.

I need:

Stripe (New Payment) + LearnWorlds (Enroll User in Product)

In no case do I find the correct flow when I have more than one payment links. (With a single payment link it works fine. But I have more than one product.)

With a filter step I have not succeeded.

I appreciate any help.

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Hi @jimbobjoseph and @alebica, welcome to the Community!

It sounds like what you may need here is a Formatter (Utilities > Lookup Table) step. It would allow you to convert whatever product name or ID you receive from Stripe into the course ID that the LearnWorlds step expects. Then in the LearnWorlds step you’d choose the Custom value option and use the course ID output from the lookup table step. This would dynamically add users onto the correct courses depending on the product that was purchased.

That said, as the Enroll User in Product action for LearnWorlds doesn’t appear to support line items it would only add a user to one course product. So, for instances where there are multiple products purchases, you may want to try a Looping by Zapier step to run through each line item of course IDs output by the lookup table step to enrol the user onto multiple courses.

So you’d end up with the following trigger and action steps in your Zap:

  1. Trigger: New Payment (Stripe) - triggers when a user purchases one or more products
  2. Action: Utilities > Lookup Table (Formatter) - converts the purchased product line items from Stripe into the relevant LearnWorlds course IDs
  3. Action: Create Loop from Line Items (Looping by Zapier) - takes line items output by previous step
  4. Action: Enroll User in Product (LearnWorlds) - Loops through each line item to Enroll the user onto each course product

Looping by Zapier can be a bit tricky so here are some resources that you may find helpful in setting that up:

I hope that helps. Please do keep us updated on how you get on here! :)