Our custom app integration accounts are expiring frequently

  • 23 March 2022
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Zapier is expiring for some connections once in week. Asking to reconnect account? How do I avoid this and make always active

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5 replies

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Hi @dnks6clicks 

Good question.

Can you please clarify for what app this is happening?

Hello @Troy Tessalone  , 


We have our own API integration to Zapier and have some Triggers and Actions. Those are expiring as below some connections are not expiring and active all the time and some of them are frequently expiring example : demo team added 3 weeks ago . thank you


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Since this issue involves private apps, it’s probably best to open a ticket with Zapier Support:

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Would you mind sharing your auth config details? Is this integration using OAuth? Do you have refresh token configured? If so, what do the logs show?

Zapier will expire the connections when it encounters errors on the integration’s auth test method.  I’d start by looking at logs to see why that’s happening. You might add z.console.log statements in there to get more detail into the logs if it’s not apparent what’s going on.

@Zane   Yes we are using OAuth v2 and configured refresh token.