Is there a way to create Zap from thirdparty apps

  • 15 June 2023
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Thanks for the great work, Zapier is truly awesome!

I would like to create a Zap using a template from my app. Could you please provide me with some references or documentation on how to accomplish this?

I came across a GET API endpoint that lists all Zaps. Here is the link to the endpoint. However, I'm curious to know if there is still no way to create Zaps dynamically using the Zapier API for third-party apps.

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2 replies

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Hey there, @ank! Thanks for reaching out in community - we’re so glad to have you! 🤗

I hope you don't mind, I’m going to move your question to our Dev Discussion forum. It’s the best home for your question since this is where our more savvy community members tend to hang. 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll drop a few links to look into if you’re looking into using the Dev platform:

Hope some of this is useful! 🧡

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Hey @ank 👋

Super, glad to hear you’re a Zapier fan 🎉 We think it’s pretty great too 😀

That GET API endpoint you’ve linked to is to allow apps that have a Public Zapier integration, to embed the Zapier experience in their app, for example App X - to allow mutual users to create Zaps while in the App X interface. 

Differences between private and public app integrations here and if you wish to submit an integration you’ve built on Zapier for Publishing, it would need to meet these guidelines. 

Public app integrations can also create Zap Templates for our mutual users - where you suggest workflows for users of your app to create in Zapier. 

If I’ve misunderstood what you mean by “create a Zap using a template from my app. “ - please let me know which app you’re building with and which Zap workflow you’re trying to create, what is your end goal here 👍