Zoom trigger test issue: Outdated data and missing upcoming events

  • 19 January 2024
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I’m working on a automation between Zoom and Team up. The goal is to create events on Team Up calendar according the new meetings on Zoom. The issue I’m facing is: when testing the trigger the data that is coming from Zoom is really outdated (meetings that already happened months ago). Does anyone know why the upcoming events that I have on Zoom wouldn’t show in this case? Is there is rule on what type of events would be get from Zoom (such as only recurring events or something like that)? Also, the outcome of the automation requires an “end date”, but from Zoom we get only the data regarding the duration of the call. Would that be a Zapier issue? I appreciate any help. 

2 replies

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Hi @Priscila 

Help article about how to use date/time modifiers:


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You should have enough representative data returned from the Zap trigger to configure the Zap action steps.

Try publishing the Zap so it’s ON, then test live.

Check your Zap Runs for activity: