Zapier Slack Forms Integration: Risk Severity field not ingesting correctly into Microsoft Excel

  • 6 July 2023
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Hi Team,
Through Zapier and Slack Forms Integration,  we are pushing the data downstream to an excel.
There are almost 14 fields submitted via the form and everything is going downstream except of one field.

The field name is Risk Severity, the zapier runs shows the output value but  when the result data need to be ingested it is coming with 32432432_riskseverity.



Can you please help

4 replies

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Hi @Laksh 

Good question.

To help give us more context, please post detailed screenshots with how the Zap steps are configured along with an example of the resulting data from the Zap Runs DATA IN/OUT.

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Hi there @Laksh! 👋

It sounds like the Risk Severity field is outputting a value of “32432432_riskseverity” when the Zap runs, am I understanding that correctly? 

If yes, what type of field is the Risk Severity field? Is it a dropdown field with different options?

If it is, then I’m guessing the “32432432_riskseverity” relates to a specific option that was selected for that field. Likely it’s the unique identifier (ID) that Slack uses to reference that specific option. Do you think that could be the case? 

If so, what you might need to do is use a lookup table to convert the ID values the Zap being sent from the Slack form, into the actual name for the option. In which case, I’d suggest using a Formatter (Utilities > Lookup Table) action to make a lookup table that will automatically output the relevant name of the option. If you’ve not used that sort of action before you’ll want to check out our Create lookup tables in Zaps guide for more info on that. One thing to note on that is that adding a Formatter action to the Zap would make it a Multi-step Zap which is only available on paid plans so if you’re on a Free plan then that may not be an ideal solution here.

Hope that helps. If I’m misunderstanding the issue here or you have any troubles setting up the Lookup table just let me know! 🙂




Initially the data pushed nice, but from past 2 days it’s the issue.
Risk severity is a drop down.

Other drop downs are pretty fine.


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When you see {{VARIABLE}} for the DATA IN of an action step it means the mapped variable was either:

  • Missing (blank/empty/null)
  • Mismapped


Check the mapping of the variable.



Also, looks like there is a space missing after the : and before the mapped variable.