Why is BookingKoala to Zapier record data (test) drawing wrong information?

  • 23 February 2024
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I've previously used zapier to sync new bookings on bookingkoala to populate my google cal - using a test bookingkoala site. However, now that I want to implement this on my actual bookingkoala site, the test data drawn on a zap seems to be showing data to parameters that I do not have on my bookingkoala form. What more, some of the parameters differ in name to that of my previous form (on my test site)

The industry forms for both sites are pretty similar, so I'm quite confused as to why zapier is drawing different data from (some) non-existent fields. 

Test site:
Just one example out of many, as you can see here, properties such as 'Location' and 'Zipcode' are empty (as they should be) because my Store and Form settings exclude these parameters. 

r/zapier - BookingKoala to Zapier record data (test) drawing wrong information?


Actual site: or

r/zapier - BookingKoala to Zapier record data (test) drawing wrong information?

The same 'Location' and 'Zipcode' properties are filled by the test record created on zapier. Just to reiterate, these fields have been removed in my bookingkoala store settings so they shouldn't be showing. Also, my manually sent test booking as not recorded by zapier. This in turn means that whatever is recorded by zapier through these form submissions are for some reason bypassing all settings applied. 

Sadly, even properties such as 'Pricing Parameter Quantity' which I need to use to reference a Lookup Table in zapier automation, is missing on the actual site record data - leaving me unable to automate the incoming bookings to schedule. 

Hope this helps better clarify the situation. Thank you once again for any help rendered.

2 replies


I suspected that for whatever reason, there might be an error as to where Zapier is drawing this data from (hear me out) - because the data showing in Zapier test records are different. 

To test this, I disabled the Zapier integration on my bookingkoala settings page. Then I went to 'test’ the connection between my linked Bookingkoala site and my Zaps. The tests still returned ‘Test Successful’. How can this be if its connected to a bookingkoala account that has disabled integration??? 

I have no idea whats going on now. 💀

Any help at this point is greatly appreciated. 

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Hello there @LostMud! 👋

Hmm, that’s strange. I’m not entirely sure why the connection test was still successful despite the connection being removed in BookingKoala. Perhaps it takes a little while for the disconnection to be processed on BookingKoala’s end? I’m thinking that maybe it was still cached as being an active connection on BookingKoala’s end when you tested the connection through Zapier. Do you think that might have been the case?

Regarding the issue with the fields, we can sometimes see this sort of behaviour if the app is only pulling in default or sample fields for test records. If you turn the Zap on and submit a booking do you see the correct fields come through in the Zap history?

If yes, then there’s a workaround you can use to manually select the fields using a method that’s referred to as custom pill mapping. You can learn more about that here:

If no, then it may be that you’re running into a bug with the BookingKoala in which case I’d suggest reaching out to the Support team to have them investigate further.

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!