Update a case with a comment but Salesforce ID is not found

  • 3 April 2024
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I am using zendesk to send a comment to an existing salesforce case. I have the zendesk and the salesforce is external.

This is how the steps are designed

  1. new inbound email in email by zapier
    1. I configured in zendesk to send an e-mail with the last public comment of a ticket to an inbox and with the words “commentend” to understand when the comment is finished
  2. Text in formatter by zapier
    1. The first line of the e-mail is the Salesforce ID (that’s what the customer care person writes) - I split it to be able to then find a record
  3. Text in formatter by zapier
    1. Remove whitespace from the step 2 so that there are no problems with the ID
  4. Text in formatter by zapier
    1. Get the text between the salesforce ID and the comment end so that it can be the body of my comment
  5. Find a record on salesforce
    1. I am searching for salesforce ID and use the field on step 3
  6. Create record on salesforce
    1. Object - comment of a case with the text from step 4

All the emails are going well and I can replicate steps 1,2,3 and 4. However, in step 5, there is an error saying nothing could be found of a search, even though the case exist and manually

Everything went well on tests and it worked in the first weeks.

I am making a new flow on Zapier using the case number on salesforce as it seems more stable - but I wonder why, finding a record with the SF ID, they say nothing could be found on the search, but manually I can get there?

4 replies

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Hi @rma 

For us to have more context, we will need to see screenshots with how your steps are outlined and configured.

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Hey @rma ,


Can you post the screenshot of how did you configure the Zap?


Here are some images



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As proof of an existing Salesforce record with the ID being used to test we would need to see screenshots of that matching Salesforce record ID from Salesforce.