Slack error: The app returned "stream timeout."

  • 19 April 2023
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I want to create a zap that will start in Pipedrive when a deal matches a filter. 
What the filter will be looking for are recordings of meetings that have taken place, these will be uploaded to Google Drive and the link that was shared will be copied and pasted into the Pipedrive field. 

Next, I want that link to go to a Slack channel. I was able to do this without any problems. However, I have a problem with how the message appears in Slack:

This way I need to click on the link, and it moves me to Google Drive player, what I want to have:

So if I were to send the file this way in Slack, I would be able to view it directly from Slack.
I try to put the value that contains a link to the Google Drive recording like this:

But then I’ve got an error:

Do you have any idea how to set this up? Or maybe you can recommend some other option I could try? Basically what I want is to be able to watch but most importantly listen to those recording trough smatphone, have this play in the background (like slack or spotify) and the option to leave some comments.

Thanks and have a nice day!

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5 replies

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Hi @Aneta Wozniak! 👋

Ah, yes that sort of file sharing Google Drive link won’t work. Usually you’d need to put in a direct link to the file itself or select the file object (See Send files in Zaps).

Try adding a Find a File (Google Drive) action before the Slack action in your Zap. It an search for the file to get the necessary file object (contained in the Google Drive File field) which you could then select in the File field. For example:
That should then display the preview for the video in Slack.

Want to give that a go and let us know if that works? 

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Hi Sam!
Big thanks for your reply!
The thing here is that the files uploaded to google drive are not directly on my Google Drive but on different accounts of people from my company, with this step I was hoping that I would not need to do it all through my Google Drive but with the drive that belongs to the person that uploaded the file.
And the thing is, I can't specify the filename (it's not always the same) so I can't look at it (one, not on my drive, two, always different name of a file - or am I wrong?)
I think I'll just change the zap and when a new file is sent to Google Drive I'll send it to Slack, I think I have to accept the loss of some CRM data.

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@Aneta Wozniak I’m glad you’ve found a workaround(ish) for this! Just a little extra detail, though it appears you’ve picked up on this already 😉, is that the files must come from your drive/documents that you own. It’s a permissions thing

  • Admin/owner permissions: The connected account must be the owner of the files and folder that the Zaps work with

Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with! 

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@chanelle Okey, good that you pointed that out!
So if I create a folder in Google Drive and share it with my teammates, and then they upload the files to my drive, the automation won't pick that up?

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Hi @Aneta Wozniak 

That’s right. Any files or folders that are shared won’t work with the Zap.

Let us know if you have other questions.