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Shopify App - New Customer - Error while retrieving: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

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Hi all, 3 days ago I started getting this “Error while retrieving: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable” on my Shopify App with the New Customer event trigger. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a way to get more logs?


Best answer by SamB 26 May 2023, 12:18

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I am having the same issue, @SamB Please add me in the list of affected users.

Please add me to the list for notification also. Thanks

add me too please. I have the same issue

please add us as well. zapier no longer receiving hooks from shopify as of noon yesterday.

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You got it @MedhiZeroual@Samar@Ivan B@rashed and @rbennet!

Happy to report that you are all on the list of affected users so you will all get an email notification as soon as it’s fixed. 🙂

how long do you think it will take to solve the problem ? all of our customer orders are pending and we can't send orders to our customers we already have 600 orders not sent . And also, will it be possible to run the hundreds/thousands of zaps retroactively ? 

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Could you add us to the list as well?

Our logistician team are highly impacted by this issue, and we are serioulsy considering migrating to integromat!

Please add me to the list as well. Zap stopped working yesterday and showing error: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable”

Same issue is occurring. Please add me to the list as well for updates on this situation

@SamB Please add me to the list of affected users as well.


Google Drive Zap not running properly.

A number of clients affected by this issue. Please keep me in the loop.

@SamB Please add us to list impacted user list as well!

@SamB Please add me to the list of affected users as well.



facing the same issues here while retrieving paid orders from shopify. when will it be solved?

@SamB please also add us to the list of affected users. This has been painful as we pull new orders with zapier from shopify to help operate our business. 


Please add me to the affected users as well, has been impacting our operations since yesterday afternoon. Thank you

Thanks for reaching out here, @aezm82@Tecno Pago Alegre@Lavees and @KeepSpace! 🙂

I’ve added you all to the list of affected users now. As soon as it’s been resolved we’ll send an email notification to everyone on that list. 


Hi @SamB can you add me to the list as well? thank you!

Hi @SamB we need to be added to be notified as well please. 


This is critical for us, we are a logistics software company and we have 100’s of Shopify integrations. We were only mad aware by tickets flowing through the past few days with random orders not coming through.

Why has Zapier not put out a banner to say this problem is happening? Is there a work around so we can assure Shopify orders are working? You said this is a bug not a incident - but yet it’s something that can’t be tracked or worked around? 

Hi @SamB , I'm facing the same issue for the past two days, could you add me to the list please? thank you!

@SamB  any responses or timeline as to when this can be resolves ?


I too run a logistic company with 50+ companies under management that utilises zapier and one of them is our big account..

Super embrassing for it to fail along with additional team and resources needed to run the admin now…



hi @SamB , can you please add me to the list, just a question the other thing I’ve noticed (which could be nothing) is that when selecting the app (shopify) you have to select Shopify Premium, is this part of the issue as I have been successfully running the zap for the last 9 months on shopify basic? Thanks 

Hello, I’m having this issue too, please add me to the list once it’s fixed. It’s been more than 10 days now. 

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Hi @fbousquet, @spencerwise, @CWCGA, @Izaiah, @Coachalh, @gabe736, @JuandaMayorga, @Sol, @mhmemorials, @RaeMC, @kian, @CartonCloud@ken60, @KeepSpace, @Crude coffee and @rollerz! 👋

You’re all on the list of affected users so we will email you the minute this gets resolved. Thank you all so much for your continued patience here. 

@MedhiZeroual - thanks for following up here.

I don’t know whether the missed orders will be able to be rerun automatically for you, but you could try using our Transfer feature to process them in bulk. I don’t have any ETA I can share on when this issue is going to be fixed, but I do know the developers are working on it so hopefully it won’t be much longer. 🤞

In the meantime, do you all happen to get email notifications from Shopify whenever there’s a new order?

If so, and those emails contain the order information you need, then I’m thinking that perhaps you could trigger from the order notification emails instead? To do that you’d want to:

If you’re interested in setting that up we have a Trigger Zaps from new parsed emails guide that I’d recommend checking out. Hope that helps! 🤞

Hi, I am also affected by this bug.

Could you please let me know once the bug is resolved?

It is now unable to retrieve new paid orders from Shopify to zap into googlesheets


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Hey there @Curated Culture! 🙂

I’ve added you to the list as well so we’ll be in touch as soon as it’s sorted. If you’re able to get email notifications sent to you whenever a new order is paid, then it may be worth trying the workaround I mentioned in my last reply and have a Zap trigger from those email notifications for now instead.