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Sheets to ActiveCampaign: "Contact id or email is required" when running test action

  • 8 December 2022
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I am making a zap so that when I add a row to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, it should create or update a contact, add the contact to a list and add a tag as well. I have connected all the relevant columns to my pre-existing fields in ActiveCampaign. When I click continue, it shows me a preview of what information the test will include for the contact it plans to create. Everything that should be populated from the spreadsheet is blank, although I just added two test contacts (my own emails) with details, so that it could pull that information as a recently added row.

When I run the test, I get the following error:


Failed to create a contact in ActiveCampaign

The app returned "Contact id or email is required.".


It says “Contact id or email is required” however I connected the “Email” field in Zapier to the column titled “Email” in my spreadsheet and there are two emails from my test contacts in there. I do not have anything connected to the “Contact ID” field in Zapier, because underneath Contact ID it says “ActiveCampaign ID of the contact. NOTE: IF THIS IS NOT PROVIDED, 'email' MUST BE” and underneath the “Email” field in Zapier it says “Email of the contact, once created it cannot be updated via this action. NOTE: IF THIS IS NOT PROVIDED, 'id' MUST BE.” So I decided to just use the email since that is the column in my spreadsheet and I left the “Contact ID” one blank.

This seems to be related to the problem described here: 

 However, her problem seems to be that her email wasn’t complete (in her screenshot it says “The email *******@***.c is not a valid email” so the person didn’t enter “.com”). This doesn’t help me since that is not my issue.




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Hi @elenim , welcome to the community! Let’s see what we can figure out here.

In my experience, this often happens when the specific row that we’re using as an example from Google Sheets is blank or incomplete. So you might have data in your first two rows, but the Zap itself might be looking at a later row that is incomplete. We’ll always grab the last three rows that have any data in them.

I would recommend three things:

  1. Make sure all of your blank rows are completely blank - even just a checkbox or formula counts as a “non-blank” row to us, and we’ll assume they have data in them
  2. Once you’ve done that, go to the “Test trigger” portion of your Google Sheets Zap, open the dropdown and click “Load More”. This should load more samples, and hopefully the ones that have data
  3. Retest the ActiveCampaign step

If that’s still not working though, could you send me a screenshot in the Zap editor showing the email field in the ActiveCampaign step? That will give me some clues as to what might be going on here.


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Thanks so much! I figured that was the issue as I had some formatting loaded in for the first 20 rows (borders and such) and I wasn’t sure if it was counting that as not blank. I deleted the formatting and tried again and when that didn’t work I posted here. You confirmed my suspicion so I just started with a different tab and this time only put in the column headers and didn’t add any formatting.


Thank you!!



I am having the same issue.


Email and ID columns are filled out (I’ve removed them due to privacy purposes).


Removed all the formatting. Bit still doesn’t work.