Not successful in connecting wix pricing plans to mailer lite - its not getting a real person as the test contact

  • 29 March 2024
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I am trying to get a zap between pricing plans on wix (membership), and mailer lite.  When someone orders the pricing plan, I want them to end up on a group on mailer lite.  It hasn’t been working.  And even though it says its all connected right, and says it works, the test is a fake person.  It doesn’t pull real contacts off of wix.  Its always the same fake one.  So I know its not connected (plus, its live and definitely hasn’t been working). 

Their AI suggests OAuth, which it seems like it set up, but maybe not.

any help anyone can give me?

5 replies

The image you sent confirms that your Zap isn't transferring real contacts from Wix to MailerLite. Let's address the test contact issue and troubleshoot the connection between Wix pricing plans and MailerLite groups.

Zap Test Contact:

Zapier uses a dummy contact during the test phase to simulate the flow without affecting your actual contacts. This is why you're seeing the same fake contact instead of real Wix users.

Troubleshooting Wix Pricing Plans and MailerLite Groups:

  1. Double-Check OAuth Authentication:

    • As Zapier suggested, ensure OAuth is enabled correctly. OAuth acts as a secure bridge between Wix and Zapier, allowing Zapier to access your Wix data. Refer to Wix's and Zapier's documentation for detailed OAuth setup steps.
  2. Verify Zap Trigger:

    • Confirm that your Zap trigger is set to "New Member" in Wix Stores. This ensures the Zap fires only when someone purchases a pricing plan, adding them to a MailerLite group.
  3. Map Fields Correctly:

    • Meticulously examine how you've mapped fields between Wix and MailerLite. Ensure that the email address captured in Wix is mapped to the correct email field in MailerLite.
  4. Test in Development Mode:

    • If you're using a development store on Wix, switch to the live version for testing. Development stores might not trigger Zaps properly.
  5. Zapier History Review:

    • Look into your Zap's history. Check for any error messages that might indicate connection issues or problems with field mapping.
  6. Consider Alternative Triggers (Optional):

    • If the "New Member" trigger isn't working, explore alternative triggers in Wix, such as "New Order" or "Customer Confirmation Email." These might initiate the Zap when a pricing plan is purchased.

Additional Tips:

  • Retest After Changes: Make any necessary adjustments based on the troubleshooting steps, then perform a new test using the Zapier test function.
  • Contact Support: If the issue persists, reach out to Zapier and Wix support for further assistance. They can delve deeper into your specific setup and provide tailored solutions.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the test contact issue and establish a successful connection between your Wix pricing plans and MailerLite groups.

Thank you, so I need to start with OAuth. I don’t seem to understand it.  I mean I tried, but its not clear.  I don’t see documentation from zapier on this.  And I followed what it said, or my understanding on wix, and found some text to copy, but it doesn’t say where to copy it to.   And zapier just says I’ve integrated wix, so I don’t know how to override that. If there is any more help there, that would be great, zapier certainly doesn’t give any.

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Hi @Janetswim,

I did some digging into this, and it seems like, we were informed by Wix that it is currently not possible to retrieve live test data from user’s accounts. However, we have an existing feature request to return live data from user account in sample data. Please let me know if you’d like to get added to that.

Additionally, you mentioned that your Zap is not triggering when published/live. Could you please try reconnecting your Wix account after that, please try triggering the Zap again and check the Zap History to see if it’ll trigger.

I'll be keeping an eye out for your response!


Thank you. that helps!  I would love to be added to that so I can have live data just so I can know its being added right.  I did find out that its not added right. I had one run yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, and it said that there was an error from zap but its listed where it goes to mailer lite.  and it says error: the email field must be a valid email address… and it just lists her first name when I did.  But on wix, she filled it out correctly, and it lists her name under name, and her real email address under email.  So I don’t know why the fields aren’t matching up. But at least this time it sent me an error, its never done anything like that, so now I know that a zap should have run, and didn’t successfully, so I manually added her to an email list.    So will this having real data help fix this problem?

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Hi @Janetswim,

Returning the live sample data should definitely help since using the live sample data prevents the inaccurate mapping of the fields. With that said, I have added you to the feature request as another interested member. That does a few things:

  • Bring this to the attention of the integration developers
  • Help track interest in this feature being implemented
  • Allows us to notify you via email if this feature becomes available in the future

While I don't have an ETA on when this feature might be implemented, we will notify you via email if it is!

Additionally, there could still be a way to get your Zap up and running. However, I would need a screenshot of the “App & event” section of the trigger and the “Action” section of the action step to see if everything checks out.

I'll be keeping an eye out for your response!