Invoice Ninja - create invoice action doesn't pull correct email templates

  • 1 September 2023
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I’m trying to set up a Zap triggered by form submissions to create and send invoices through Invoice Ninja. I have set up multiple custom email templates in Invoice Ninja because I have different emails for different events. No matter which email I select in the email template field in the Zap, it always sends the invoice with the default template

4 replies

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Hi @Jimmy Brock 

Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to help us have more context.

On the attached screenshot you can see the problematic step. Everything else works smoothly:

  1. the trigger is a new row with name and email and other details (that was generated from a form submission)
  1. if the email address is already in Invoice Ninja, the client gets pulled up, or created if there is not an existing client
  2. The invoice creates properly, but no matter which of these email template options I choose, it only gets sent with the “invoice” template from my Invoice Ninja account. You can see in the screenshot from Invoice Ninja that the list of template names there don’t quite match the naming list in Zapier, which makes me suspect they are not really connecting properly
  3. This gmail step is my current workaround, which is to just send an email myself rather than having it sent through Invoice Ninja. This actually works just fine for my immediate purposes, since I’m not really bumping up against task limits at the moment, but I’m curious whether I’m missing something or if there is a missing connection between Zapier and Invoice Ninja
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@Jimmy Brock 

If you know the internal ID of the Template (e.g. reminder1), then you try setting that via the ‘Custom’ option.

Otherwise, you may have to reach out to Invoice Ninja Support for guidance as they likely created and manage their Zap app integration.


Thanks, that’s helpful!