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Interfaces - Customer Verification - Search Phone Number and then auto complete form data

  • 10 February 2024
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I am trying to create a form that links the customers information in our CRM with the form.  Then moving forward, have the relevant information auto populate the form moving forward.  I do not want the customer to enter any additional information except their phone number so the CRM stays as the one source of truth.

  1. Customer enters phone number and clicks submit. Triggers zap and goes to next page. 
    1. A zap runs that queries CRM API and checks for their phone number, if it finds their phone number then add new record to table.  Table record will have 
      1. Customer Name
      2. Address
      3. Etc
  2. Next page - have information from new record auto populate form on this page.  

Problem - It is not populating the information on the next page of the form.  It is only populating the phone number since I have the pass data option checked.  I only want the customer to enter their phone number and then have the zap populate the next pages information.  


Any ideas on how to make this work?


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5 replies

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Hi @RichC! 👋

Is the form is redirected to a page containing a view of the table that the Zap is updating with the relevant details from the CRM? If so, once the Zap updates the details in the table record then those details should be automatically updated on the page where it’s displayed.

Or is it more that the form redirects to a page that contains another form, and it’s that form that you want to populate with the details from the CRM?

Once we’ve got a bit more context on the situation we’ll be better able to assist here. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi Sam,

It’s your 2nd option.  After the first form is submitted and makes the entry into the table, it goes to another form where I’m hoping the customer information will be displayed.  I’m open to all ideas that would make this workflow work.  



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Thanks for clarifying that @RichC

Ok, so there is the ability to pre-fill form fields but that’s done through a link (see Fill form fields in advance in Zapier Interfaces) so wouldn’t be possible to use it for the use case you’re describing here. And it’s not going to be possible to redirect them to a page with those form fields already filled out as the form fields wouldn’t be able to take their values from the table.

The alternative would be to direct them to a page showing their form submission record that was added to the table that the Zap then updated. You can tweak the settings to allow them to edit certain fields on that record so they’d be able to edit those details if necessary.

To ensure they only see their own form submission record, you’d need to set up managed user access for the Interface which would require folks to login using their email address and a login code that would be emailed to them. Then you’d be able to set a up a dynamic filter to can filter the table records to only show information relevant to a specific user. Check out the Use dynamic filters to show personalized information guide to learn more.

Do you think that approach could work for your needs here? If so, and you run into any trouble setting that up let me know, happy to help if you get stuck at all!


Great thanks for the info.  Unfortunately, the managed users limit would be too low for our use case.  We would need 400+

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Sorry to hear that @RichC. If you’d like, you can submit a feature request to the Interfaces team for it to support at least 400 users using the quick form here:

I can’t guarantee that when or if it would get implemented, but we’ll definitely notify you by email if it is.

If there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime just let us know. 🙂