HubSpot additional company property not retrieved

  • 27 February 2024
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I’m creating a very basic zap. When a contact is created I want to copy the company url and the company linkedin page into contact fields.

It works just fine for the company url since this company property is commonly retrieved by Zapier, but doesn’t work for the linkedin page.

I’m able to specify that I want Zapier to retrieve the linkedin page as well when finding the company, but Zapier doesn’t actually do it. The test is a success but you can see that Zapier doesn’t retrieve that additional property.

So for my last step, I’m not able to update the contact with the company’s linkedin page because Zapier didn’t retrieve it in step 2.

Looks like something is off with Zapier.



3 replies

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Are you testing with a HubSpot Company that has that data point populated?

Also, try searching for the value to narrow the results to map.


Yes the data point is populated. 

I’m not sure I understand your suggestion - I’ve already selected the one additional property I want to retrieve ”Social media information: Linked Company Page” (see first screenshot). Could you explain a bit more?

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TIP: Try refreshing the Zap Editor.


If you know the value of the field in HubSpot for the Company ID being tested, then you can try searching for that specific value when attempting to map the variable in the following Zap steps.



e.g. If you knew the value included Saturday, then you could search for “saturday” to narrow down the matching variables to map.