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Hello Bar not pulling in all information

Anyone else having issues with hello bar?  It seems to only want to pull name and email addresses.  My Hello Bar form has name, phone number, and email address. When it saves to hello bar contacts list it saves in the following format(Name, Phone Number) under one column and (Email) under it’s own column.  The test function pulls the name, number but actual runs it only pulls the name.  it pulls the email fine.

So everytime I get a lead I have to log into my hellobar account and copy the phone number over myself.  Kinda sux.


Best answer by Danvers 22 April 2020, 17:36

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Hi @John 

Thanks for reaching out- so sorry you are still having issues with Hello Bar!

I see that you have reached out to Support on this, so I will let them continue to troubleshoot and update this thread once a solution is determined. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

Hey @Liz_Roberts, any idea if anyone else is having this issue with Hello Bar? Just wondering if I’m the only one.

Got this response, but it's still not listed as a common problem on hello bar app inside zapier.


Is it just affecting some or all?


Thanks for writing in John,

I’d be more than happy to help out!

I pulled our logs for the Zap and took a look at what's going on here, and it looks like you're being affected by a bug within the Hello Bar integration. I've gone ahead and added you on to the report for this issue with the Hello Bar team so that you'll be informed as soon as there's a fix for this. Currently, the trouble appears to be affecting a few users where the name field isn't coming through.

Unfortunately, there isn't a good workaround at the moment since this issue is due to the information not coming through from the app. So we'll need to wait for Hello Bar to fix the bug in the trigger.

If you have any questions about this or would like more information, definitely let me know and I'll be happy to assist.

Talk to you soon!


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Hi @John!


It looks like you’ve run into a bug with Hello Bar, I’m sorry about that. I can see that you’ve been added as an affected user on that bug, which means that we’ll send you an email when we have an update on that. 


We generally use the ‘Common problems’ section of the help guides to highlight common issues that people have when making Zaps with an integration that they can solve - for example if they need make changes in the app’s settings before using Zapier, or they need to use a particular format when adding information in the Zap editor. I hope that clarifies things! 

So hello bar has updated their contact list to help solve this issue. So now it breaks down the different fields. But zapier isn’t pulling all the data now.  For example it’ll pull a contacts email and name and contact list.  But it doesn’t say or pull anything about phone number column.


Hello Bar Contact List


just got this error



Am i the only one using hello bar with zapier or something?

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Am i the only one using hello bar with zapier or something?


Hi John, are you still experiencing this error? If so, could you try to re-authorize your HelloBar account and let me know? Thanks!

Not working. Now that i’ve reset it looks like my zap is screwed.  it’s not fetching test data.



Created a new zap to try it from scratch, getting same error.



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Hi there @John - As Danvers mentioned, you’ve found a bug. That said, we’ve reported this issue to the development team responsible to alert them. We won’t have an ETA but with your name added to the list of affected users, you will be contacted directly once we have an update to share. Thank you!

I am also having issues with the HelloBar integration. The sample data only pulls in the email and not the name (which is coming in as null).

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Hi @coachreal3!

I’ve added you as an affected user as well so you’ll receive an email notification when it’s been resolved.

Can you add me to this list as well, i am experiencing the same issue.


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@Andee5150 - Your upvote has been added to this issue. Our team will email you updates when we have any to share. Thanks!

Is there an update to this? I’m also not getting the Name imported, only “Null.”

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Hi and welcome to the Community, @Conners Clinic

We don’t have an update on this right now, but I’ve added you to the list of affected users. We’ll be in touch by email as soon as it’s been resolved! :)

Hi everyone - HelloBar user here and have been impacted by the error mentioned above along with the integration not pulling all available/captured fields. Hoping a solution is provided soon.

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Hi @BSN_adicharry!


We apologize for the inconvenience. I’ve added you to the list of affected users. We’ll send you an email as soon as there is any update.

I am having issues as well. It fails to get the data from hello bar and I am unable to get the fields so that I can connect them.