Gravity Forms and Box Integration

  • 2 September 2022
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I wanted to share a recent problem and solution with the community. I worked with Zapier support to help troubleshoot and get this resolved. 


Gravity Form plugin on Wordpress

Zapier Add-on activated in Gravity Form with API Key activated

Box connection setup in Zapier

Trigger - Form Submission in Gravity Form

Action - Upload File in Box 

Event - Upload File


When I submitted the Gravity Form in Wordpress the Trigger step would be a success but the Action was failing with Required field "file" (file) is missing. For the File field in the Zapier action, I had selected the ‘File’ object from the list of field options. If you try to test the action in Zapier, it will fail so I suggest testing directly on your Gravity Form. 


In review of the Data Output of the Trigger step via the History page in Zapier, I could see the file path under “Invoice Details File”. However, this wasn’t data object that was available in the ‘File’ field. Zapier support and I determined manually typing {{Invoice Details File}} in the File field was possible solution. The Zapier editor will give you a warning, but go ahead and save & publish and then submit a Gravity Form submission again. Or you can resubmit the failed Zap in history, but good to test as close to production as possible. 


Hope this helps. Cheers. 

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