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Failed to create a new row in MySQL: (pymysql.err.OperationalError) 1292 Incorrect date value

  • 21 September 2023
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Hi. I am attempting to extract a date from the email parser, format the date to the correct format YYYY-MM-DD an then insert the value into a mysql database. The format change looks correct, but the db add is failing because a timestamp is being added. Thanks in advance. 


My date/time format setup:


My date/time format output: 


My mysql data field map: 


The error I am getting from the mysql post: 


My mysql field setup: 



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The Cancel Request Date is a Date/Time format as indicated by the 2 icons next to the field label.

Looks like the value is being converted to a timestamp, when only a data is supplied.

That may be a backend config issue with the way the Zap app integration handles date field types.


You may need to open a ticket with Zapier Support:



Thanks. This is definitely a problem with how Zapier is sending the data to the mysql database. It appears that since it is detecting that the data is a date, it is manipulating the structure into a datetime format before sending. I can confirm this because I have tried the following: 

  1. Formatting the data to change the structure to YYYY-MM-DD using the date/time format zap. 
  2. Formatting the data to change the structure to YYYY-MM-DD using the text format zap with a regex string.
  3. Removing all formatting from Zapier, changing the field type to VARCHAR, and passing the data as it was extracted from the email. 

In all cases, Zapier is restructuring the data in the full datetime format before sending. This is a bug as it is making a decision on behalf of the user that may not be desired. 

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You may need to open a ticket with Zapier Support:

It appears there is an issue with the actual field type (date) vs the configured field type (date/time),



Just a follow-up here that support acknowledged that this is a bug. No word on a fix and I imagine it’s not a major issue so it’ll take awhile. 

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Thanks so much for following up here, @mrg.

I’m so sorry that you’re running into a known issue with the MySQL app. There’s no updates on the bug that I can share at the moment and I can’t make any promises around when it might be solved by but we’ll definitely be in touch with you by email as soon as a fix is implemented.

I checked on the support ticket and it seems that you were able to workaround this issue by changing the field type from date to datetime. So thought it worth mentioning that workaround here in case it’s helpful to others running into this issue too. 🙂