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Failed to create a conversation event in Google Analytics 4: Google may be having issues with their API

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I’m trying to connect with Google Analytics 4 and I’m unable to send event measurements over. I receive the following error:

Screenshot 1 - when I try to create a new measurement

Screenshot 2 - when I try to create a new event conversion



Best answer by ken.a 19 June 2023, 07:35

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Ok thank you, I have tried that and it doesn’t work. Perhaps your team should disable that Zap from showing up so that others don’t waste their time integrating it only to find out it doesn’t work? At least temporarily or add some sort of tag on it saying it’s not working and to avoid it for now. I wasted my time on this.

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Sorry to hear that didn’t work @WhyNotAdvertising and for any time wasted on this.

We don’t usually disable or add tags/warnings to an app integration when there’s a bug that’s affecting it, but that’s a really great idea! I’ve passed your suggestion over to the Product team for consideration. Thanks so much for sharing this suggestion on how we can improve people’s experience in building Zaps, we really appreciate it! 🤗

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Hi @SamB - could you please add me to the list to be notified when this is fixed? We’ve also tried the workaround and any other workarounds we could think of, with no luck. This impacts dozens of our zaps! Thanks.

Please add me to the notifications list. 

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Hi there, @Maddie and @SRB.

Sorry to hear that the suggested workaround didn’t work for you either @Maddie. I can confirm that you’ve both been added to the list now. We’ll be in touch by email as soon as it’s been resolved.

+1 on the list @SamB please

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Of course, @Miradore! You’ve now been added to the list of folks that are being impacted by this issue. Still no ETA on when a fix will be in place but we’ll definitely notify you by email once it is.