Facebook Lead Ads form submissions not triggering automatically despite successful tests.

  • 23 October 2023
  • 2 replies

I have set up a zap to be fired upon FB lead gen form submission.

Zapier has access to FB leads and the test works fine, but the zap doesn’t fire when a new lead comes in.

If i go to Zapier transfer data I can see all the leads in there, I can transfer the data from the data transfer screen and the zap works perfectly, but it won’t fire automatically.

I am a full admin in FB, leads access is on, I have ensured zapier is an authorised connection in FB.

I’ve set up hundreds of these for clients and they have always worked, but all new zaps have this same problem.

Please help, thank you

2 replies

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Hi @markoborn 

Good question.

You may want to try reaching out to Zapier Support:

will do, thanks