Cannot send message by Facebook messenger even we have conversation within 24 hours

  • 22 February 2023
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Hello guys,

I am seeing this error message 

“You can only send an automated message to the user with a PSID of '543392374435366' within 24 hours of them having sent a message to your page.”

The thing is that I am using Facebook lead ads by messenger, except for the automatic ad questions, the user also send me a message “K” after that, so there should be message between us.

And these happened within 24 hours.

Why am I still having this error? I have attached the pictures.

Thank you in advance.


6 replies

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Hey there @fxpopup! Can you please provide a screenshot showing the details of your Zap? I.e. Set Up Action area. Including the trigger set up is incredibly helpful as well. Thank you!

Hello @chanelle, thanks for the quick reply.


Below are the screenshots, I have indicated the Recipient Id and Page from my lead ads, which matches with the ones in the “Set up action” area. I have also attached my whole process. 


Thank you in advance.


Hi @chanelle, I have attached the Trigger set up picture below as well. Thank you:)


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Hi @fxpopup! 👋

Thanks for sharing those helpful screenshots here. It looks like this issue was occurring on the same day that there was an incident affecting Zaps that used the Meta apps (including Facebook Messenger). So I’m wondering if that is what was causing the error previously. The issue now resolved so any errors caused by that issue should no longer be occurring.

Can you try retesting the Send Message from Page action and let us know whether those errors are still appearing? You may also need to change your test sample data to ensure you’re testing with a reply to a message from within the last 24 hours though. 

Looking forward to your reply!

Hello @SamB or @chanelle,


I’m facing a similar problem. Please find my screenshots attached.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.


Looking forward to your reply!





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Hi there @RCHat.TrainWagBot

Could you please clarify - could this be in response to a message received from a user? This is the intended use of the Messenger integration. In other words, you can only message someone if they messaged you first, within the past 24 hours. See the note here:

(view larger)

That said, please try skipping the action step by clicking on the “Skip test” button. After that, please publish and trigger the Zap live and see if it’ll run into the same error.