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Zoho Invoice Payment send payment to QBO

  • 1 April 2021
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We create invoices in Zoho and receive payments also in Zoho. There is currently a Zap that will create the invoice in QBO after it’s created in Zoho, but no Zap that records the payment from Zoho into QBO. I’d love to see this functionality created in Zapier - I think there would be TONS of users that would use this. 


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Hi @TemboBen 

Is this the QBO action you’re looking for?


Otherwise, you can submit your feature request here:

FYI: Most Zap app integrations are created and maintained by the app developer, rather than Zapier. so would be best to also submit this feature request to QBO.

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Hey @TemboBen 


You’re absolutely right that being able to Trigger a Zap when an invoice is paid in Zoho would be incredibly useful! The capacity is already there in order to update QBO online payment information, but the Zoho trigger you’re looking for is currently missing from Zapier’s features. 


A quick look at the Zoho API documentation shows these features surrounding invoices and customer payments (

invoices To access invoices related APIs
Availabe types: ZohoInvoice.invoices.Create, ZohoInvoice.invoices.UPDATE, ZohoInvoice.invoices.READ, ZohoInvoice.invoices.DELETE
customerpayments To access customer payments related APIs
Availabe types: ZohoInvoice.customerpayments.Create, ZohoInvoice.customerpayments.UPDATE, ZohoInvoice.customerpayments.READ, ZohoInvoice.customerpayments.DELETE


This means you can do a direct API call in order to read a payment or invoice, but does not necessarily mean that you can trigger an event based on a payment being received. There might be workarounds for this such as checking at regular intervals to see if specific payments have been received, but that may not be very efficient nor scalable. This is a more sophisticated application as currently described.


Additionally, since this is a feature request (and a very valuable one at that) rather than a troubleshooting request I would recommend reaching out to Zapier support directly to put this on their radar for future updates to their offerings! 

Here is a link to Zapier support:

Here is some guidance about what falls under support vs. community: 


If you have other questions, feel free to reach out! Best of luck with your automations!