Zendesk Case to Account with matching order ID

  • 16 October 2020
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We are trying to use Google Merchant for orders. When a person places an order on google, it goes into Shopify. Orders are zapped from shopify into Salesforce. We do not get the person’s email address.

If a person needs to return their order, those requests come into Zendesk as a case and are then zapped into Salesforce because we use Salesforce for our return process. 

The problem is it creates a duplicate record because I don’t have an email as a unique identifer. When the case is zapped over from Zendesk to Salesforce, I’d like to somehow search for the Account (already created from the original order) that the google order number is associated with but I can’t see to figure it out. Does anyone have a solution?

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2 replies

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One of these Salesforce Search options should be useful.

Find Record can be used to search for any property on a Salesforce Object record.

Find Record by Query is more advanced and thus more technical to leverage.


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Hi @rachh 

Just checking in, did you manage to get this sorted?