Using Google Distance Matrix API in Zapier - possibly from within a Jotform?

Hi I currently have a JotForm that contains 2 postcode columns.  I want to be able to calculate the distance and travel time between these 2 columns (postcodes) if possible please.

Would it then be able to populate 2 new columns in the JotForm with the returned values from Google Distance Matrix API?

What would you recommend please?  

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Hi @Kalps.b 

Good question.

Can you provide more context about the 2 Jotform columns you are mentioning?


Are you trying to have this data run while the user is filling out the Jotform?

If yes, then you may be seeking front end automation with something like JavaScript.


FYI: Zaps are app-to-app automatons that work behind the scenes.


These are the available Jotform Zap triggers.

So the Zap wouldn’t trigger until the Jotform is submitted.


These are the available Jotform Zap actions.


Hi Troy,

Great to hear from you Thank You.

These are 2 Jotform columns that will exist in the submissions i.e. data tables post-submission.

I can currently do this in excel by using the Google Distance Matrix API - and using a Function to then send the request to the web and get the results.  Would it be possible to do this within Jotform itself (using Zapier if need be)?

Thanks Troy, I look forward to hearing from you sir.

Much Appreciated


i.e. from within the data table in Jotform?  i.e. so that multiple rows can be managed at once?


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If possible, it’s likely you’d need to use this Zap action: Jotform - API Request

Jotform API:

Hi Troy, I’ve managed to make this work in Excel however getting it to work in Jotform is perhaps slightly beyond my abilities…  Do you have any more info that might enable me to do this more easily - i may need “less technical” documentation or some example to follow if at all possible.  Sorry i know I’m asking a lot but maybe with an example i can get it working.

I dont know if at this stage maybe I should just keep to doing this in Excel and reimport back into Jotform but obviously that then counts against submissions i believe.


Is there any other way of achieving this?  What would you recommend please sir? 

Any asisstance would be greatly appreciated. 

This is a task I do monthly for timesheets for jobs completed by my team.

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Many automations are unique to the defined requirements so there likely isn’t existing documentation or examples to provide.

If you need help, consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert: