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Updated Gravity Form Fields Not Showing In Zapier?

  • 4 February 2021
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I have a Zap that connects a Gravity Form in WordPress to a Google Sheet.  It is working fine, however, I added some new fields to the Gravity Form and corresponding fields to my Google Sheet.


When i go back to update the Zap, the Google Sheet Column name shows up but I do not see the corresponding Gravity Form field to insert.  And...Some old fields that I deleted from the Gravity Form still appear.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.


Best answer by Tulio Cardozo 10 June 2021, 04:27

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8 replies

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Hi @TMC99 

Try submitting a new test on the Graity Form, then pull thru that sample submissions on the Zap trigger to use in mapping your Zap to GSheets.

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Hey Troy - thanks for the response.  I tried that but it still did the same thing.  Then I just created a brand new zap from scratch doing the exact same thing.  It was a different webhook of course.  But I added that into the same Gravity Form and that brought in the correct fields.  I just didn’t want to have to build the whole thing again.

Do you think it has something to do with the webhook?  Maybe once you test with a webhook that’s the fields that stay with the Zap.  Funny though, if I add a column to the GSheet it updates that in the Zap.  Just not the Gravity Form.  Oh well..I will just have to redo the whole thing.  Not the end of the world.

Ironic that the whole process is supposed to make life easier.  I guess it’s one step back to go 2 step forwards.


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Check this help article:

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Speaking from experience the webhook definitely isn’t set in stone - if you update fields in GF and re-submit, what you pull through in Zapier should likewise be updated.

One quick thing you could try is duplicating the form in GF and seeing if that helps.

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Hi @TMC99!

How are things going? Was the information provided by Troy and Andrew helpful? Let us know!

Adding to this for others that might come across this thread on google like I did - everyone is right about pulling a new test submission through the Gravity Form step, but what was not immediately obvious to me was to use the selector/dropdown and manually choose the newest form submission that Zapier detected. 

For example, mine was set to form submission c, but the most recent submission was Form Submission F. 

Changing that and the testing the step again allowed the missing fields to be visible and I was able to then use them within the rest of the app steps in my zap.


Hope this helps.

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Hi @Tulio Cardozo 

Here’s the Zap help article about changing the trigger test data:

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Thanks for sharing your solution with the Community, @Tulio Cardozo!

So glad to hear that pulling in a new test submission from Gravity Forms did the trick! 

I can totally see how it’s not always obvious to need to use the dropdown menu to select a different test submission. Thank you so much for sharing your experience here! I’ve submitted your comments over to the relevant teams here so they can look into ways to make this clearer. :)