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Typeform -> Asana: Add as follower to a task created based on email address Typeform field

  • 6 June 2021
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I’m using a Zap for the Typeform → Asana integration.

I’m creating a task in Asana and would like to add the form submitter as a follower (or “Collaborator” in Asana) to the task automatically created when the form is submitted.


When I use the custom option to populate the “Followers” with the typeform question asking for the email address, it doesn’t seem to work.


However, this approach does seem to work to assign the task using the email address (ie., I can assign the task to the user with the email address entered in the tyepform field).


Does anyone know how to fix this?




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Hi @MoovOne Operations 

The Followers field expects the internal ID of the Asana User.

You can see this by looking at the dropdown values for the Followers field in the Zap.



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Hey @MoovOne Operations, I hope you’re doing well!

I just wanted to check in here and see if you were able to get things working.

Let us know if we can still help out! :)

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Just wanted to follow up here for anyone also looking for a way to dynamically assign a follower to an Asana task using their email address to share how that can be done. :) 

Troy is correct, whenever a custom value is selected for a dropdown field like the follower field it will often expect to receive an ID number for the item you’re looking to select. You can find out more about this here: Add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps

To find the ID number that Asana is expecting you’ll want to add a Find User Asana search action. Search for the user using the email address supplied from TypeForm and get their ID:

Then in the Follower field on the Create Task action, choose the Custom value option. Then select the ID field from the previous Find User step:

You can find out more about using search steps in this way here: Search for existing data in Zaps