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System to Mark leads with a YES or NO and If Yes, send them an Email

  • 29 May 2021
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Hi Zap Community,


1. In a nutshell, What I’m currently doing with current Zaps is the following:


  1. This is what I’m already automating with zapier:

Lead Fills a Form on the website Requesting X benefit  and is sent to Sheets

Lead Form information is received by me via email

I send an automated email to the Lead letting them know we received their form application


  1. This is what I’m currently doing manually:

I send an email to the lead, confirming whether or not their request is approved or not


2. This is what I’d like to do/automated:


Basically, Automate part B from previous point.

I would like to send each of the Leads Info (That I also receive via email),

to another app that somehow allows me to view the lead info,

and If I consider its approved or not, for me to Mark with a Check, or an “X” or a Tick, or click a YES/NO text. And If I click any of the options;

If I click on the “check”, the Positive email response is sent to this lead. 

If I click on the “X”, then the leads receive a Negative response.


I was thinking i can send the info to Slack, but then I don’t think I can click somewhere there that activates the “positive” or “negative” replay I want to do.

Or IF you know of a way that I can have a trigger where I can Click Yes or NO within the same email that I receive with the Lead Info, that’d work too.


This is a “graphic” representation of what I thought I could have in another App.

It doesnt have to be a symbol. it can be a Text Yes or No. But I want to be able to simply click on it and send the emai.






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Hi @Sergio Duque 

Try using GSheets, Airtable or a CRM to store and manage your data for this.


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Hi @Sergio Duque!

You could also look into Approval by Zapier, to see if that might work for you :) 


I found the Solution. 

  1. Send the lead’s form information as a new message to SLACK.
  1. Create a zap that gets triggered everytime a “CHECK” (:white_check_mark:) reaction is done to any message inside that specific channel where the leads info is being sent to.
  2. Once the zap receives the specific “positive” CHECK reaction emoji, it will continue the zap sending the Approval. If we react with a “CROSS” (:negative_squared_cross_mark:), it will send a negative reply.