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Sending images to Google Drive from Zoho Creator

  • 27 May 2020
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I am trying to send the image fields we have on a Zoho Creator form to Google Drive once a new record is created. I successfully get it to zap, but the zaps are coming in as .text files and not images. Do I need to select a file type for this? I’m stuck at this point. I uploaded 2 screenshots of how the images are uploading to Drive. Can anyone give me assistance with this, it will be much appreciated. Thank you!





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6 replies

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Hi @kmlowran!


To be able to upload a file to Google Drive, you need either an actual file or a public URL. Do you know if you’re getting either of those from the Zoho Creator step? If you’re not sure whether a link is publicly accessible, open a new incognito window in your browser and copy and paste the link in there. You should be able to a) see the file and b) it should be the only thing on the page. 


If you’re not sure whether or not you’re getting a file or public url from the Zoho creator step could you send a screenshot of the fields that you are getting so that we can take a look? Don’t forget to obscure any personal/private info that might be in the picture!

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Hi @Danvers thank you for your response. 

I used the formatter to split text from the url we have in zoho and YES the url is public. I may be splitting the text incorrectly. These are actually image fields and not file upload fields. We can take photos and input them into the form instead of uploading a picture that has already been taken. Here are some screenshots. Sorry my name above is different from this one but I will be using this one from here on out.

I don’t believe I am splitting the text the way I am supposed to. This is what the script looks like in Zoho.


And this is what the images look like attached in the body of the email I have sent.


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Hi @PDC Thanks for letting me know about the change of name 🙂


It looks like the issue is the format of the link. I can see that there’s a reference in there to Input.ID , which looks it refers to an object in Zoho so there’s a good chance that’s not being pulled through to when the Zap tries to upload the image. The link also needs to be just the url part of it ie you need to remove the <img scr> tags and any similar elements, like the width and alt tags. 


A good way to test whether a link will work is to copy and paste it into the Google Drive file field directly, then test that step of the Zap. So you could play around with splitting the url in different ways manually to see if it works, then if/when you find one that works, you can create the code to separate it in the way that you need. 

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Is there any way to append the ID of the image field in here? It will be different each time as the images being sent are always different meaning the ID will always change when the form is submitted with image.

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Yes, you can always map two things in any field in the zap editor - so you could add the URL and the ID.

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Thank you all for you replies. I got this working! I was missing one step before I was splitting the text. It was the “Paths” helper.