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Possible to move file uploaded by Google Forms to another Google Drive folder?

  • 3 September 2021
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I’m building a Zap that when a Google Form is filled out, several actions are done. That form contains 2 image uploads. In the Google Sheet that is created with the form response, the uploads are put in drive, and then referenced by drive URLs in specific cells. I have no way of copying or moving the files, and there’s no way of referencing back to it since it needs permission to use those URLs.


Essentially I need the flow to be:

Form Response w/2 image uploads (one field each) → Move those 2 images to 2 different folders on a shared drive.

Is this possible?


Best answer by jmonarch 7 September 2021, 17:49

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Hi @jmonarch 

You should be able to do this. When a file is submitted in Google form, it is stored in File Response folder. Here’s how you need to build the zap:

  • Trigger: google drive - New file in File Response folder
  • Action: google drive - Move/Copy file to shared location

If you get two files, you need to create two zaps for this.

Thank you @robschmidt - so this could be run as a sub-zap? The form zap creates a new folder using one of of the response fields as the name is the challenge. So the new folder does not exist prior, so I can’t easily set up the action of where to move it.

 So - I found another way to do this all within one zap.

  1. File gets uploaded to Google Form, and is entered into Google Sheet of responses
  2. Google Drive step creates new folder
  3. Zapier Formatter using python regex extracts the new file ID from the sheet - I used the following regex: (?P<google_drive_urls>\=(.*))
  4. You then can set up another step for Google Drive, uploading a file using the Google Drive UC download URL format as the input, uploading to the folder created in step 2